Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall RTW; what's goodie!

Fall is almost like that awkward stage when the summer takes a transition to winter. Although the clothes never disappoint. Fall 2009 Read to Wear blew my mind!

Fashion's most playful designer, Betsy Johnson didn't have her typical wacky cartwheel runway show. She had a small crowd in her showroom.
Her new designs for Fall are still crazy and beautiful though! I WANT the gray blazer on the first picture. Its gorgeous. The shirt is something Betsy WOULD create. Her cute style. The white heel booties are awesome too.
The dress on the girl in the second photo is beautiful. It reminds me of beauty and the beast but it purple. I feel like Betsy Johnson always has to put in some form of leopard print in her lines. My favorite part of the dress is the red roses. I've seen plenty of ruffly, floral BJ dresses but nothing quite like this!

Marc Jacob's made me go insane! I've read copious blogs about the Fall rtw 09 but seeing. . . . 0.0
The first picture, oh my. This whole outfit is brilliant. The dark red sequent top and the black and white skirt that flares out.

Dear Mr.Jacob's,
mail me that purple dress. Size 6.
Marc Jacob said he wanted to reinvent the old New York but at night when he would go to clubs. I can definitely see that that edgy flare in these photos. The outfit in the first photo is simple and beautiful. The pants are so neat how they are loose at the top but are skinny at the bottom. Plus, the color is lovely. (AND I WANT THOSE SUNGLASSES.) The second outfit looks so edgy but fun and warm but classy... so many words to sue to describe it. He used much metallic in his line which seems to be very popular with the designers line this year. What do you expect from Marc Jacob? Your really don't know what to expect!

View the rest of Marc Jacobs line here ^

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

debatez debatez

So I've sketched out my homecoming dress for the dance and I'm gathering up all the material to sew this baby up. I can't even begin to explain how its going to look so you guys are just going to have to wait for pictures!
I'm debating on what shoes to wear with it. Lately I've been really infatuated with platforms and I really want to wear a pair to the homecoming dance. Of course my feet will want to kill me although I'll kick'em off right before I start dancing. And for those that know me, know that I'm going to be "getting my dance on" right when I get there! But shoes are a big deal to me so I've thought of a couple styles that I'm interested in and came up with these:

I fell in love with these Steve Madden shoes. There beautiful! I really would like these but I've seen them in other stores for cheaper. These are on sale for $90. They use to be at Forever21 too but I would want nice ones that would last ya know.

These are hot! (Also Steve Madden) Defiantly a mission, almost impossible, to walk in probably. I have a fetish for that snake/lizard skin look so when I saw these I was in awe. There on say for $100 to $47! Plus, I would wear them out too, besides the homecoming dance. And there so high! If your going to wear high heels, go all out to where your 8ft tall :O)

I really wanted to wear a heel boot for the homecoming dance. I just thought they would look so cute with a short black dress. These are very close to what I actually want. I like the zipper, its very unique. It looks almost as if you can zip it up haha I think its sexy/cute when high-heel shoes have a thin heel like this one. Is that just me who thinks that? Well these are also Steve Madden but I'm going to check out some store like Macy's and see if I can find something similar and cheaper.

If you guys know of any places with good prices with the shoes I'm looking for let me know please and thank you <33333333333333333!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're swimming in a flood

If you knew me well you would know I love love love and adore pearls. I always have. I don't think you'll ever find me without my pearl earrings on.
I have a couple pearl necklaces. One is beautiful, I've posted it in an older post, it looks antique with a giant gold cross. I love antique looking jewelry which is why I love pearls. Their so elegant and feminine. I wish I knew of more cheap jewelry store. Once I got these big adorable earrings for 3 dollars at a vintage store so I guess those are good places to look. Any advice on nice cheap jewelry?

It seems high-wasted skirts are what I wear when I'm late to school and in a rush. Just pull it over a tank, blouse, graphic tee, I honestly think high-wasted skirts go when anything.

With simple flats and a long braid<3 Out the door to school I go!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I believe in immediacy

I enjoy getting out of school at 12:17 everyday so much! When I get out its so beautiful outside and really enlightens me. It has still been pretty hot out but the rain really has cooled it down I think. My wardrobe has mostly consist of dresses and layering.


I love this white dress, it can go with everything. Sometimes I put a big brown wicker belt on and some leather boots and other times like today, I just threw on a light cropped cardigan/vest and a nice light tan scarf. Very simple. I just let the dress hang loose. Many times ver-sized dresses and clothes in general can look really cute and elegant with the right articles of clothing you add to it.

You can always take layers off too.

I wore these moccasin flats. They're casual and go with anything, I love'em!.

After school I put these Liz Claybourn flats on. My outfit really had no color in it besides neutral colors. These still match with what I'm wearing, they just make the outfit that much cuter <3 <3

Today was a simple, casual Thursday. Was only in school for 3 hours actually. I didn't wear jewelry today besides some pearl earrings surprisingly (I'm usually dripping in jewelz).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I feel as if I've been to busy for this

Actually I know I have and I forgot I actually had readers until the other day I got messages asking if I died or something (teeheee) Well I kind of want to re-introduce this whole blog concept and re-introduce myself. My first post on this very blog was explaining myself and my purpose so I'm just going to take a moment to refresh. Plus, some people have asked me the same infamous question! But anyways I've been very busy with senior year, work, interning and applying for college. . . . yikez! This blog was is used for me to get away from all of that yet, not get away from all of that. I get to meet and learn from talented young people like like myself! I got into fashion design and fashion merchandise kind of an unusual way but then later found that it wasn't that weird since I wasn't exactly alone. So how did I get so involved and interested?

A couple years ago I swear I lost myself and to this day I'll still swear I lost myself. I didn't know me if I met me. Its almost as if I had to start all over. I lost some very important people in my life that I relied on and when they were gone there was no where to go. I was a very lost and confused soul. For the first time I had to depend on myself and stand up. Going through that I learned so much about myself and who I am, it was amazing. I feel that I'm not to good at communication but I can't quite blame the ones who disappointed me. Although art design and fashion design have always been so beautiful to me. It's hard for me to exlain. I'm very connected to my mind, body and soul. I am not exactly a believer of love but a strong believer of passion and I believe everyone is passionate about something. I know I'm going to be successful and go far in what I have a passion for because I try hard and do really well! I want to learn and be experienced in as much as I can in the industry and I want to be involved in it for the rest of my life. Fashion is something deep within me thats more than just what I like, its who I am. It's something pure to me and the easiest aspect about me that I understand. I'm not just some typical fashionista in love with clothing like any other girl. I can't nessisarly explain it in words for any human to understand but I'll try to express as much as I can here <3

Thank you to everyone who has been patient and who has read this <3 If you have a blog, flicker, website or anything you would like me to promote or just read (cause' I am interested) let me know!