Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am sending my love. But they won't let it in.

After a 10 hour shift I think I might die in my bed. I feel my muscles turning off as I type. On top of that I was in a rush to get dressed but managed pretty well.


I dropped a ladder on my foot and fell face first into a box full of clothes. But I laughed on the floor for a good 15 minutes. If it wasn't for the girls I work with, I would just walk out of the store half of the time sigh*



The fringe and back of the dress make it. Its beautiful, really.


This dress is so perfect for a hot Florida day. Its basically backless and I usually wear it with a big belt but I just let it loose today. With opaque knee length socks -scrunched down- and steve madden heel boots, it was a decent last minute outfit for work; especially with all the tasks I had to do today!

Monday, March 29, 2010

came across some beauty's!

I have an everlasting love for antique jewelry! My friend from work, Bettina, took me to this little thrift store by Broward College and I just fell in love with the whole store. They don't get too much in but when they do its gorgeous. The lady that works the shop is just as precious as the jewelry. She will even take down your name and number and call you if they get in anything that you're looking for.




One of the bracelets were $5, the gold chain with links that almost spiral. And the second charm bracelet was $10. Its my favorite. One of the charms is actually a tattoo I'm planning on getting. Its very antique and old yet so "lovely". In person you can tell its old but well taken care of jewelry. The little jewels are a deep pink and light blue. There are little pearls. The store also carries cute kitten heels but they only get nice ones every once in a while and they're very vintage so they usually price around 20 to 30 dollars but they are good heels. Not wimpy thrift shoes that last three months.
If any one in the south florida area wants to know more about the store like where its located and such, feel free to ask because they deserve all the business they can get (even though I want everything for myself) TEHE

Friday, March 26, 2010

El Ef ! ~ *

I know I know, I'm a bit late making a blog about one of LF's crazzzy 60 percent off deal! Who participated!?

For those who don't shop at LF or maybe never heard of it or just never ventured into the store, its a very trendy fashionista store. It defiantly defines the word "trendy" the way I feel it should be defined. Its nothing even similar to indie fashion or really not mod but a bit classy... They follow the designers latest trends from studs to fringe. They look over celebrities (such as Mary-Kate Olsen & Lily Allen) that wear certain brand names and whats "in" and they elaborate on it. Its really beautiful and interesting. LF is expensive but it is affordable in a sense because the store sells designer clothing and the best quality it can get. So with these 60 percent off deals, its really an amazing deal. TRUST ME. For those LF shoppers, YOU KNOW!


So any who,
I got the Jeffery Cambell shoes which are originally 200 and 60 percent off, 80. They are GORGEOUS. When you actually visualize them in person, they're perfffect. ;)

LF has a killer antique section of beaded and embroidered dresses that are to die for. I can spend forever looking at them. They are truly magnificent. I was thinking, if I WERE to go to prom, I'd wear one. Ugh, they're so pretty.
Check out the lookbook below. It's from fall 09 but you can really get the concept of the store and everything by checking it out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Not going to stop singing that song until I move there! Yes MOVE. I am moving to San Francisco on August 28th because I've been accepted into The Academy of Art University! My friend and I are dorming together! We CANNOT wait!


I'm being transferred to the American Apparel next to the school too! How perrrrrfect.

I have to lackin' so hard on this blog ;( I know I know, I always say that abd come back but I'm tryin! I work 40 hours a week plus school!@$^& Senoritis at its best in taking over meee. Thankfully spring break is soon so that will be nice! I have some things to post that I've ment to for a while now so you guys will see some more of ArsyGeeeeek !