Saturday, April 25, 2009


Another reason more me to envy people who live in New York. A TopShop opened there not to long ago! And I get the exciting privilege to shop online<--aaaahaaaaaah
(I want to go to the store!) So who's been?

So since the TopShop originated in Europe, most of the brands are unfamiliar. Such as Yuki, Rare, Reko, NewBreed Girl, People Tree... ect. ect. It is kinda pricey. It reminds me such of an Urban Outfitters. Miley Cyrus shops there (Just throwing that out there)
In my opinion I think they have reeeeeeeeeally cute shoes
^something like that

I would be so into something like this. European flare.

Check it out and let me know if you've been there before!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm loookin' for labels, not loookin' for love !

*Fergie "Labels or Love" begins to play*

Europe was a mind-blowing experience. I took in so much culture it was beautiful. Just talking and thinking about it makes me want to go back right now. While on the 10 hour flight I scribbled, circled and took notes in the new Nylon April issue.
Woah, THAT'S my favorite issue by far. I mean Nylon always blows my mind but this issue just took me away. The issue was based on there 10th anniversary.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NYLON <33333333 10 years of being fabulous.


One of the event planners, Dani Stahl, for Nylon wrote a great passage and Marvin Scott wrote such an inspirational passage in the issue. It was beautiful!
They listed some of the styles that were big throughout the 10 years like Dr.Martens which many people still rock!
Peaches did a really cute passage about how she loves geeks and not jocks lol
I enjoyed reading that.
Man, working for Nylon is just a portion of my dream.


In Marvin Scotts passage he included how his wife and him created the name for Nylon and he said he listed a whole bunch of names and asked his life to pick the one she liked and she said she liked Nylon because it was like a combination of New York and London and Marvin didn't even mean to do that! I thought that was just crazy.
He added that Nylon is producing more and more very year like Nylon T.V. and Nylon Guys and Nylon Mexico & Korea.... ect... It's just awesome. I'm proud of everyone that works for Nylon, really.

So in the April Nylon issue its said bloomers are coming back! "In London, at D&G in Milan, and at Chloe and Stella McCartney in Paris, when models stormed the runway in dangerously skin0clinging, short-shorts called bloomers. (As in like underwear shorts or now just shorts) You can pair them with high-heels or a short blazer or its said that they work with long shirts or cute tights underneath them.
Hmmmm interesting. I wouldn't mind wearing those around since Florida is so incredibly hot!
What do ya think!?