Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forgive me for my absense

Busy is an understatement of what I have been and so is stressed! I havent forgot about you readers though :-) I've been applying for colleges, like crazy, and interning, my butt off, but hey its all worth it in the end right?
For the last about two months I've been assisting model casting events & designer run-throughs prepping for this huge fashion show that is finally taking last in Miami this weekend AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. I'm nervous, its take months of planning a fashion show and I've put my sweat and blood into fitting and dressing skinny/tall naked girls, taking head shots, scribbling down what a designer wants or as they say, NEED. I guess we'll see how it goes this weekend, expect pictures!

Until then, something on Nylon magazines website caught my eye. The latest trends hmp, and I've said it before and I'll say it plenty of times in the near future, I couldnt agree more!


FLORAL SHORTS; shorts have really made a come back, well they were never slacking in the trends really but within the last year they have created interesting trends to shorts. From high-waist to acid wash and check out these hot floral ones. Floral in general is in, but floral shorts, oh yes in deed! How cute luv it*~!


LACE; every girl owns something lace but lace just isn't lingerie anymore! Theres many lace dresses and casual tops. I've seen lace jean skirts, lace leotards, lace leggings, ect. I own a massive amount of lace clothing that I wear often, even in casual ways. It's sexy but appropriate.


Speaking of sexy but appropriate, corset's! My girl friends and I were just talking about this and it really surprises me how up to date we are with our trends (we're that good tehe). We bought the cutest corsets from Urban Outfitters whom sells them in multiple colors but mine is a floral print. Wear it with a high-waist skirt, I promise there is not one female that will look bad in a corset top (THAT FITS YOU RIGHT) and high-waist skirt. Corsets are also being incorporated with dresses like the picture above. Thats also a sexy yet indie dress. Although, I would go with the corset and high waist shorts or skirt, it will make the outfit more interesting, your able to mix match ect ;O)


Check it out yourself !