Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shoes........ shoes.

Loeffler Randell has aaaaaamazing heels. And a killer song when you enter there site tehe. I like to think of them as "Creater of The Modern Girl Shoe". They said they wanted to design the kind of shoe they could never find. And in my opinion they succeeded! Last year they even started to make clothes :0.

I like these details designers have been doing more recently like Rose la Biche, whom I mentioned in another blog. Such as ruffels, slits and simple clothing with a little pazaze but class..
such as ^

And these shoes are to die for. I'm one that is walking and standing all day and by the end of time my feet are screaming but I don't care because they look so good..

Josh Goot! What a designers name! And clothes he designs!


Woahaaah, he was profiled in Nylon a year ago, now hes got a show in the UK. The things I'd do to attend that show. Or to just say "I went to Josh Goot's show last night" HAHA ok but really these clothes are nothing I've actually seen. It's like girls walking around with Canvases on. It reminds me of Jackson Pollock's art work to be honest.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been so incredibly busy lately! School and work are taking over my life.
Although, I go to Europe in 39 days from today for 8 days. I'm veeery excited to get out of Florida. Lets just say, I'm defiently keeping my agenda book under my mattress. Also, while I'm gone I'm getting my room redone so its actually
"me" and not some pink heart attack.
Many of my favorite designers have originated in Europe. One of my favorite things to do on my spare time is to lurk European fashion sites and I spend a good deal of money of European fashion magazines (am I the only 17yr old girl that can do that for hours?) . Fashion is more of a culture there rather than a business. It's a really great thing to take in. One day I'll go for fashion week ;] Don't ya like my confidence.
It would be a dream to go with Cory Kennidy and Peaches to work fashion week.
These are some really pictures of european street style I got from Nylon. ccccccccheck it ouuuuut


I'm a HUGE fan on fringe. Love that bag.

And its personal style that makes this international multi-million dollar business beautiful.

Now I know my blog is lackin' and I've promised pictures of me and my personal style and I'm getting there! Within the next week, when school it pushed out of the way, I'll have some of my thrift up here. Be patient, thanks!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh shit !

SO I was speechless and blown away when Marc Jacob's and Vans got together to create there own shoe. But now.... Nylon and Nike! I should have expected it! And in June we can purchase them. Oh my goodness.

Check out the Nylon tag on the top of the shoe!

Rose la Biche
creates such original yet simple clothes.

<span class=

<span class=
This one is one of my favorites. The top part is cut so cool, its like you have clevage but you don't? And the flower just makes the whole shirt not just a simple gray shirt. Yeeesh I love finding such neat designers

17 years of exsistence

17 seems so young. When am I going to have a birthday and dread that I'm another year older? My parents got me a little Nikon digital camera. Its cute. I had a little birthday celebration but it was such a fun mess, I don't even know. I'm so ready for new things and new people... just new.

Someday it would be nice to live in a glass like house with just white walls. And soft colors. I'm into all those weird crazy designs but when it comes to peace and home, simple is good but I think thats the only time it is good to me.

Mmm, I need to hit up the thrift stores. They just put a new one by my house... and I'm noticing myself having some symptoms of shoe withdraws

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vogue Inspiration

Vogue magazine pitches "They're not designers, stylist, or magazine editors-yet. The next generation of influential fashion forces is making its mark online with buzzed-about style blogs.

Jane Aldridge

Arabelle Sicardi

These two girls had a big impact on me creating a blog. I want to give them a lot of created because just like Arabelle says you have to have thick skin. I know these girls are going to go far in what they want out of life even though they may live in small towns, they have passion and you can tell. Arabelle has a strong state of mind and it seems to be she doesn't let anyone, in reality or on the web, put her down. Everyone should take the time to check out her blog out:

***"The fact that bloggers are real girls with normal clothing budgets is probably more inspiring than looking at pictures of celebrities with seemingly endless resources" -Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Look what my store got in a couple days ago!
Aww haha I love owl's


Okay, so I have a love for scarfs and own only a billion dozen pairs of boots and cute jackets & cardigans but I'm sick of this! I want to wear my skirts and sandels :(
I've bought so many dresses in the pass couples months :(
I don't think Florida has ever stayed this cold.........

Monday, February 2, 2009

Taylor Pichler

Hello people! Welcome to my 1st blog? :O)
So why did I make this? I made this because I was completely inspired by a couple really talented people. Although I'm not as talented as them, I work hard and know mentally I am capable of succeeding in my passion which is art design and fashion. No, I do not want to be a designer and create my own clothing line. I want to be a stylist and work runway shows in New York or maybe even working for a fashion magazine or work for a designer possibly. Not many people know this and probably think I'm so silly. This is for me, not for you. Its something that I do want to share with people though and also I can not wait to meet people with the same state of mind as me. I will eventually post pictures of clothing and art that ether I took, or maybe something that belongs to someone else that I really like but I will say what's what.
For starters, my name is Taylor Pichler and I am only 17yrs of age living in South Florida. Fashion isn't really expressed here like I wish it would be. To me, its a culture and beautiful. It will always be a big part of my life and who I am.
Anyways, I currently work for the clothing store Forever21 but favor Urban Outfitters, H&M, American Apparel, Free People Co, and others. I'm always up for thrifting and going to vintage stores! When I'm not all caught up in my fashion and art drive I enjoy reading and just enjoying others company. I really like to get coffee or tea with a person and talk about really anything and everything. I'm very easy going and open to whatever, said or done. I like going to parks and going to the beach, thats probably what I enjoy most about Florida. I find some of the simplest yet weirdest things in life beautiful.
I've had a really rough, personal past and learned and grew as a person. The people who have disappointed me and put me down really have built me up to be the beautiful soul I am today. I'm very proud of the independent girl I've become and a part of me thanks those people. I'm very connected to my mind, body and soul. I am not a believer of love but a strong believer of passion and I believe everyone is passionate about something rather than a "someone". That's where this blog comes in play. Fashion is something deep within me thats more than just what I like, its who I am. It's something pure to me and the easiest aspect about me that I understand. I'm not just some typical fashionista in love with clothing like any other girl. I can't nessisarly explain it in words for any human to understand but I'll try to express as much as I can here <3