Friday, March 27, 2009

Don't ask for advice when you shop......

I went on quite a shopping spree today, hitting up Urban Outfitter's and Forever 21. I don't know why I waste my voice or time asking my friend what she thinks about the clothes I pick out because 90 percent of the time she virtually throws up and tells me NO NO NO NO (and I try it on anyways). Then when I try it on shes like Oh, thats cute! Or my favorite "It kindaaaaaa looooks weeeeeeird and awwwkward I dunnnooooo..." lol, sound that out and thats exactly what she sounded like with a really confused/grudgey look on her face. I got some high wasted shorts, a skirt and a reeeaal cute shirt. Plus, some accessories. I'll post photos soooon :O)

Also I was really proud to walk into the Betsy Johnson store and see some of the same items from her Spring09' runway show! Same with Marc By MarcJacob, I saw some Neon bags and clothing, and I thought "Oh my! His 80's inspired spring line!" Teeheeeeeeeee

Oh &&&&&&&&&&&

Saturday, March 21, 2009

*SIGH* I love reading about new young designers

Like Erdem who was listed in The Top 10 Collections!~*~*~* straight from the UK...

I gasped when I saw this dress. Its so beautiful. Ohhhhhhhh my

He has brightly colored clothing and what says "has reasons to party these days aaahahaha



Wooooooooooooaah, these dresses are like a mixture of Josh Goot and Channel. The 2nd dress is just absolutely crazy and gorgeous all at once (looks very much like a Josh Goot creation?) and the 3rd dress and so adorable. Thats just a typical me dress. Little black flare dress with lace. It's classic. I think I found the only guy for me, Erdem Moralioglu <3<33<33<3


Peacock feather's are by far the prettiest. If I could just make / buy a dress that was just made of peacock feathers (that would probably feel awkward) I would and I would it so much......

^Peacock feather earrings

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High-Waste Skirt; CRAZZZZZZED

SO I have sooooo many high-wasted skirts. More than 10 O.O
I like how you can wear them different ways to different places. You can dress it up or dress it down. I wore a white tank with most of the skirts so everyone can notice the skirts more....

Egg-plant purple is one of my favorite colors. Little pockets.
From: Urban Outfitters

Tight straight down. Egg-plant purple AGAIN. Wear it to work sometimes and sometimes I wear a shirt over it rather than under it..
From: American Apparel

Mossy green or more often called Forest Green. This skirt can be high wasted or low wasted. Wear it with a belt, I don't know. It reminds me of a pirate..
From: American Apparel

The 1st one is a cute spring/summer skirt and the 2nd one is my favorite pocket skirt! I like how the pocket and skirt are two different kinds of blue, kinda vintage like.
(Left Skirt) From: Urban Outfitters
(Right Skirt) From: American Apparel

So those are just some of my favorite high-wasted skirts.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Peeeeeeaches is 20 !

Happy Birthday Peaches!
I know kind of recently I already posted something about her but she deserves another one. Nylon host turns 20 baby!

Ok sooooooooo pictures are coming soon! I thrifted the cutest Jessica Michelle shirt. Its like white, over-sized, kind of ponch-y, I would say.
I got a ton of new clothes actually and more to come. I'm getting creative ideas for some cool post but I'm incredibly busy with school since midterms are next week but keep checking up and HELLO to my new follows <33333333333333333!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring 09 took me away !

Betsy Johnson always has the most unexpected lines of clothing.
But Spring 09', WOAH. The review says her inspiration was pretty much pirates and peter-pan. From the looks of it, I could see that..

Skull's, pretty pirate-y
Ahhhhhhhhhh.... she would! This seems slightly out of her element but then again Betsy really doesn't have an element huh

There was also a lot of clean all white outfit's. I've always been a fan of all white...
You could tell these shoes are awesome. You can't see them good but they look adorable. Seriously, Betsy is one of my favorite shoe designers. There like little pieces of art. Ugh, I die every time I see an amazing pair.

Awh theres her little spring, flower flair; I love it. The hat and everything.

I had to post this dress, I fell in love with the shape. Again, a work of art.

She even topped her show off with her traditional cart-wheel dressed as Peter-Pan !

Marc Jacobs
Meets Mary Poppins !
Back stage he said "It's about the joy of dressing up!"
Thank you, some one had to say it!^

So I saw Channel's collection. WOW Channel ipods anyone? I nearly jumped out of my skin ahahaaa Thanks to White Lightnings blog, I got my daily dose of fashion excitement <3!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


When did people I know get personal blogs ? I was not aware of this !
So not to start this blog off on a negative note but I had such a horrible dream last night and went to work completely weirded out, my managers thought I was like under a spell but I came around about an hour later and helped train this boy (good deed for the day) on the register and he probably thought I was crazy while confusing him about what buttons to push...

but then one of my favorite managers, Vanessa, came back to work from a week break (I've missed her) and goes "DON'T YOU MISS YOUR FAVORITE MANAGER!?"
And Jamie, another cashier, response, "What are you talking bout? Brooke's (another manager) been here all week." <--- I almost died laughing.


My shirt I thrifted, and I'm wearing it tied up with a belt. One of my usual classy baggy shirts..

My FAVORITE (As you can see I've been posting a lot of my favorite clothes..) vest. Out of all my vest this one is my favorite. It's from Urban Outfitters and its beaded, very delicate.

(Please, don't mind my horribly awkward faces. I really don't want my face in the picture, clothing only, lawll) Thanks Audrey for buying me this for my birthday. Cutest gray shaw ever with big black buttons. From Urban Outfitters. I'm wearing it with a black high hasted skirt and black booties.

+I keep meaning to take Arabel's advice and go to Marshel's to shoe shop.
+I'm going to start my Fashion Week blogs soon ^.^ I'm so excited. Who else is!? I know I'm not the only one that can go on a rant about fashion week for hours..
+More thrift in upcoming blogs! & spread the news about my blog. Send it to a friend :O)
+Send me pictures of clothing or styles of you or you like, I'd love to see!
e-mail: <3!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peaches & Cory

I would like to know WHY people don't like Peaches Geoff so much? Saying she has no talent, PFT. What an opinion. I like how she puts on whatever she feels, not only because it looks good but because its how she feeels. I don't know, I like the whole idea. Also, shes be really involved in fashion since she was young tooo.

"Viiintage, shes really into viintage, I love viiiintage." ahahaaaaaaa <3

*sigh* one of theeese days we'll meet and work together. There so much more great things I could say about her. Her boyfriends owns an amazing store in Wellington New York. Also I want to point out how good of a mind she has because she must make so much negativity from people that obviously don't appreciate what she puts into Nylon and the fashion industry all together. So kudos Peaches!

How cool would it be to just dress really good and talk about Fashion all day with you friend.. attend fashion shows with your friend.. do fashion talk shows with your friend.. do fashion photo shoots with your friend.. for a living.. I think you all know where I'm going with this one..

Love this picture of them

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A lot to to dish out

I promised picture's for my up coming blogs and I have SOME. Junior year is blowing my mind with Research papers and Algebra 2.


My most favorite hand-made hemp boots EVER. And jean leggings, yep jean.


My boots are from Urban outfitters and my jean leggings from Forever 21 aka work.

I would also like to put out there, in a cashiers point of view, you should be happy when buying clothing and shopping, especially us girls. Its suppose to be a fun activity. And being rude and unconsiderate (throwing your debit card/money, ranting about "outrages" prices, just overall giving an unnessisary attitude) is just sucking the fun and excitement out of the glorious activity.


So I've been having strong urges to dye my hair dark dark brown (friends die inside). Its just to bright and unnatural and feels not me. So I've decided before I go to Europe (1 month and 2 days), I am going to die it a golden blonde. And slowly get darker? I don't like light brown for some odd reason, I like solid colors although I could never pull off black... at some point I'll just dye it all dark brown
Anyways, I've noticed I've been having a small fetish with pearls and antiqish gold jewlry. Hints the gold pearl cross necklace + big pearl earrings. My hair needs to grow UGH. It's actually pretty long but it really bothers me how short its looking in the picture above -.-
So I'm planning on hitting up thrift stores tomorrow or Thursday and I got a really nice blouse from goodwill for $5. I'll post some more pictures and of course my little out looks on whats going on in life this upcoming week.