Monday, May 11, 2009

Came up^

I bought a new sewing book today called "Sew U" it was featured in Teen Vogue and I went through it and it seems pretty legit and precise. So I won't be strangling myself with the measuring tape (tehe)
My sketch/lookbook has been slacking lately but I have plans so you'll be seeing new things soon.
SO I should be crowned queen of procrastinating. I highly am disliking my new brown hair (not so new anymore) I will be blond again on Saturday, what do ya know.
I worked 29.74 (EXACTLY) hours last week, my check is going to be huge although I have had nooo time what so ever. When school is over, 17 DAYS, I'm going to be posting stuff like crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ah! I've been sucking at this! I apologize. School is almost over and I'll give this blog much more work ;O) For now I got some things to show yaaa.

So I'm sewing a high waste skirt. I thrifted this fabric which was goofy high waste shorts. Its neat because the band at the top is elastic. I was unsure of the fabric at first, but what the heck. I love floral and its something different. Some of my friends thought it was nice too.

Here's a closer look!

Let me rant for a minute and say my room looks awesome! Light closers and dark red sheets like I wanted. A huge Audrey Hepburn picture in black and red. Pictures of New York on one wall. Some nice selves. It's lookin' good! I'm going to take pictures of it and put them on here. It's most definitely me.
ALSO, I got the new issue of Nylon in the mail the other day (it's awesome), and I nearly screamed when I saw that the Nylon Nike's are coming out on June1st in all Urban Outfitter's :O) wooooooooooohoooooooooo The pictures in the magazine are beautiful. The shoes are so vibrant. Its great!

Well thats really it for now. I have more.. much more.. but not much time.. more is coming soon though! Tell what your thinkin about everything