Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking my sweet, precious time

The past couple days have gone by in a minute. I was extremely occupied this weekend. Both Thursday and Friday I stayed out until 5am and oh do I love Miami and if New York doesn't work out next summer then maybe I won't mind resigning in Miami for some time. My friend and I actually been looking at apartments downtown. Hmmm but New York is where my heart is. Only time can tell.


Today I let my velvet vest embroidered with gold lay over my shoulders. I found it at a thrift store and I immediately adored it. I looked a little nude considering I was wearing a nude body suit underneath it.


Every time I wear this body suit I find a couple people do a double take. But then theres always that one obnoxious and belligerent friend that exclaims "OH MY GOSH I THOUGHT YOU WERE NAKED !" -__________- With high waist black short pull up and buttoned I went to class.


After only one coffee, one green tea lemonade and a full water bottle the day has come to a rest.
Well not really because I have a ton of things to do after class................ :-)


  1. I thought you weren't wearing a top at first as well, but I think that's cool. Fashion is better when it makes you do a double take :]