Thursday, September 2, 2010

I was your silver lining, but now I'm gold.

This week I've come down with a weak cold and my body has been acting really funky. I've found myself fixated on my imperfections every morning. Attempting to make myself not look completely under the weather. Especially when the weather has been absolutely beautiful the last two days.

Along with the being sick, I've been feeling odd about other things that have been cluttered in my head. I've been day dreaming and night dreaming about the same human-being and to be honest, I'm just over it. I'm ready for these particular subconscious thoughts to come out and then completely dissolve.


My light sheer chiffon button ups have been my favorite lately. They're new at my job and I pretty much put it on top of everything. It feels so soft on my skin. I think it has an antique and classic look to it. I mean you don't see much chiffon anymore unless its on a fancy dress or the trim of an article of clothing. This color is called "bone". Its a very creamy light color and looks beautiful over black.


This day I wore my tiffany chiffon over a tube dress, which acts like a slip, with classic cream heels. The heels are thrift but the tube dress and tiffany chiffon are from my job, American Apparel.
I belted the over sized chiffon button up with a leather belt which had a bright gold buckle. My life, gold.
I dashed over to the bank like any over typical Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at work. And after depositing the money I opened the store and my day of cleaning / organizing / assisting began.


Like always I wore all my vintage gold bracelets and big gold and cream earrings. This day was beautiful and even though I felt slightly drained and a little irregular, the sun was shining and the day was pleasant.

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