Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trousers, Dress pants, Slacks, What?

I feel like nothing beats a nice pair of pleated pants. If its ether with a ruffled top or a plain white tank, it always looks nice and clean. Just like high waist shorts you can just pull them on over anything. Especially the linen pants. If you shop around you can find a good pair of comfortable yet "acceptable" high waist cropped linen pants.


I found these photos on lookbook and the first two are from out of the country. I found the one above absolutely adorable. Her trousers fit her perfectly. They ARE suppose to be a little loose. The ones I own are mostly this style.


This girls pants look a little thicker. The style of the pants are really cool. I like how high they go and how they have a belt loop. Something like this you can pull over a leotard which is really fast and easy. Pulling over a loose long sleeve top like she did and tucking it in is different. This outfit looks extremely comfortable and I love it.


I adore and appreciate this girls laid back trendy style so much. You really don't see much of it. She didn't even tuck her shirt in all the way. This is something I'd throw together real quick and be insecure about looking like a ridiculous slob but really I would look really social and approachable? Just a truly dainty outfit.


Theres also these which are unisex from American Apparel. Guys where them as dress pants. But on girls you can just pull them over a leotard or something and slip on flats and go. Perfect clean comfortable look. You have to try on a couple pairs and you will probably be a larger size then what you think since there high waist on girls and we have hips. They're a little tighter then the ones above but they're actually flattering, you may not think so because they're intended for a males body but TRY THEM.

I planned on taking pictures of myself in mine but I havent had time to snap some shots but I WILL. Until then experiment yourself, tell me what you think and give me some tips myself ~ :****

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  1. dress pant is the perfect combination for your suit,mens always wear elegant suit for their job.