Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For the past month or so I've seen petti-coats in random stores.
Where I work, American Apparel, sells beautiful ones.

I've seen cheaper ones at Forever 21 and H&M but the ones at American Apparel are really nice and they have many layers so you don't just have to wear them under skirts or dresses.
My mom was so shocked when I bought one. She said I had one when I was like two years old. HA. HA.
I would !


I have a black one and a white one but the black one is a little more casual. In this picture I tucked in a button up. Sometimes I wear bodysuits with it. Most petti-coats are longer but this one you can pull down to your lower hips so it flares out under something OR you can pull it up and wear it over something. It very precious :-)

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  1. Yeahhh, our petticoats are awesome! I just bought a vintage crinoline skirt off etsy and I kinda want to buy the white one to wear underneath! Awesome that you're a manager. :) I'm leaving the company when I go back to school though, sadface.